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“Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!”

Pastor Stutts – Michigan

“Heidi bought me a copy of your new book and I cannot tell you how it is blessing me!!!”

Kellie.- Michigan

“I have been enjoying your book. I have been doing the devotional every day.”

Monica- South Carolina

“Lisa recently gave me your devotional and it has been speaking to me every day since.  I am so touched and often moved by what your write, daily.  How powerful is the Word of God?!?!”


2 thoughts on “Review Books- Cd’s & School of Ministries

  1. This book really touch my soul.
    I recommend this book to anyone who need a word from God!!!!
    Thank you so much Pastor Tom

  2. Today’s world is really crumbling at it’s core, and at the core stands Jesus or what few believers that are left. It is our immediate responsibility to help reach, teach and network the message of Christ. This is the best teaching tool I’ve seen in a long time. It is designed to help you reach the lost and give other believers a chance to help. Nothing you do in life will be more important than leading someone to Jesus. Tom Early has done his part, now it’s our time to help.

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